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Corporate training in Indore - Naidunia

Management Excellence training program in Indore

Failure Mantra corporate training in Indore

All-India Christian Youth training program

Campus Selection training program

Leadership development training in Indore, LSPT

Soft Skills development in Indore

Presentation Skills training and development in Indore

Personality Development for schoolchildren in Indore

Interview training for campus recruitment in Indore

Corporate training in Malaysia

Independence Day Seminar

INCISIVE stall, Career Fair in Indore

INCISIVE New Year Party

INCISIVE outing: Nakhrali Dhani Indoren trip with students

Team-building training for college students in Indore

Training games during a Sunday outdoor workshop

Spoken English and Advance Grammar via drama activities

Training of advanced communication in Indore

Business Cases training in Indore

Creative human resource development for the future of India

Industry visits and training development

Presenting in IIM Indore

Imparting campus recruitment skills in Indore college students

Personality Development in Indore from school

Public speaking topics training for students and professionals

Competitive and result-driven school training in Indore by INCISIVE

Intreview vocabulary seminar in Indore

Personality Development in Indore, SPIPS

Groom Yourself motivational speeches in schools

Training advanced English for corporate presentations

Energizing feedback of campus training in Indore

Spoken English exercises for oration development

Motivational speaking in Indore schools and colleges

Creative environment of campus in Indore

Individual, pair work and team tasks of training

Teachers Training Program in Indore, MSB Educational Institute by INCISIVE Training with captain Jason Thomas and Mr.Mikola Andrejeu

Teachers training programme in Indore

Gurukul Academy faculty development course

Learning project work in Indore

Personality development seminar in Annapurna, Indore

Bengali Square campus of INCISIVE in Indore

Training games for totally positive environment

Debates during spoken English training in Indore

Spirituality speech in schools, Indore

Training development in teams, Indore

Working with children: training arts and creativity

Business cases for instant students involvement

Interview skills and latest trends revised in Indore

Economical GD preparation in Indore

Creating a Company business cases in Indore

Team leading and team building training in Indore

Recent Training Events

Motivational Speech in Standard Public School, Indore


Motivational speech in Standard Public School in Indore, delivered by Mr.Mikola Andrejeu, the foreign faculty of Incisive, was a part of the Groom Yourself series of educational meetings on personality development in schools of Indore city, Madhya Pradesh. Knowledge partner of the event


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Why GD is Needed?

What is Technical Interview?

What is Psychometric Test?

INCISIVE develops all the prerequisite skills to enter into corporate giants: Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Congnizant, etc. Our expertise resulted into successful campus selections of both on-campus recruitment and off-campus recruitment training in Indore, M.P. Thousands of students entered the corporate doors of their dreams due to structured knowledge, developed skills and winning attitudes shaped and energized by INCISIVE Training pvt. ltd., one of the leading corporate training centres in Madhya Pradesh.


Campus Alert is the series of events organized throughout Indore campuses in order to guide college students towards their dream companies. Full-flesh GD PI Campus Recruitment counseling and placement coaching by trainers of Incisive.


Full-flesh GD PI Campus Recruitment:


Human Resource Development in India


Incisive Training pvt. ltd. works in Human Resource Training and Development since 2007 in three main areas of HRD with specialization in Corporate Training, Teachers / Faculty  Training and Vocational Training. More


HRD as apart of Change Management


Turning Your Potential Into Performance is the mission of our training company and individuals our team comprises. We try and interpret the mission statement into daily training activities organized all around Madhya Pradesh, in other cities of India and abroad. Energizing, practical and result-oriented topic-based training session include workshops, seminars, long-term in-board training and event-based batches are conducted in the main campus of ours in Indore and all around India. We organize training visits to corporate offices and college campuses.

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Training Development with Measurable Results


Most corporate training sessions and educational-establishments programs are customizable boosting up courses of rapid change targeted under the supervision of client organization's management. We are happy to assist in the areas of exact need and bring change that can be measured, not in training hours but in knowledge, attitudes and skills developed.




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