GD PI Campus Recruitment

With the final leg of the engineering many of you dream to make it into the corporate world; we at Incisive help you to accomplish your aspirations. These corporate always demand candidates with high level of Aptitude ability, excellent communication skills and appropriate technical knowledge. This course helps you to sharpen your Aptitude ability, hone communication skills at par with industry demands, with 100% conversion record we develop all the prerequisite skills to enter into corporate giants: Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Congnizant, others.


Course deliverables:


Aptitude & Verbal Ability test preparation

Psychometric test preparation

Group Discussion preparation

HR Interview preparation

Technical Interview preparation

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GD PI Campus Recruitment preparation / Campus Placement test preparation in Indore, Madhya Pradesh: Aptitude and Verbal Ability Test preparation, Group Discussion preparation, Personal Interview preparation. Incisive Training pvt .ltd.



Aptitude & Verbal Ability Test Preparation



GD PI Coaching Classes in Indore



Campus Placement Test preparation


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