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For example, to have your feet on the ground is an idiom meaning 'to be sensible': "Sandeep is an intelligent boy who has both his feet firmly on the ground." A lot of idioms are formed using phrasal verbs. For example: After he left me, it took me a long time to pick up the pieces (= It took me a long time to return to a normal life).


Many idioms are colloquial, which means that they are used in informal conversation rather than in writing or formal language.


For example: "I won't tell anyone your secret. My lips are sealed."


In LSPT course, you will receive and practice a lot of colloquial idioms, together with some examples of slang (very informal words and expressions that are often used by particular groups of people, such as teenagers). If an idiom that is being practiced is informal or very informal, the course will tell you this.

Idiomatic expressions is a strong barrier for many speakers of non-native English. Phrasal verbs and jargon expressions prevent many students in Indore to grasp deep knowledge of Advanced spoken English. We are here to help tackling non-native speakers problems by delivering native British and American vocabulary including idiomatic expressions, slang varieties and jargons of various professional fields, as well as local British and American jargons and dialects. Specifically idiomatic words and expressions is practically delivered in Voice & Accent courses of Incisive.


An idiom is an expression where the meaning is different from the meaning of the individual words.

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