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Motivational speech in Standard Public School, Indore was organized by The Raj Express (Newspaper), FITJEE Indore (IIT exams preparation coaching) in a framework of "Groom Yourself" motivational meetings with school students all  around Indore city. Madhya Pradesh. Knowledge partner of the series of motivational speeches and personality development seminars in Indore "Groom Yourself" is Incisive Training pvt. ltd.


Personality Development at school is of paramount importance for the kids' future. It is during the early schooling time that their personalities are being formed. The most important change in the life of individuals is believed to happen during early childhood period, every psychologist and teacher will admit the fact. This is why Incisive Training pvt. ltd. as the leading training institute in Indore supported the series of events in high schools of Indore and allocated their best faculty for the Groom Yourself meetings to deliver motivational speeches, to talk about the future, career development, life balance, to interact with children in an unusual atmosphere, full of joy, energy and excitement.


As Mr. S.P.Shrivastava, the principal of the Standard Public School in Indore, rightfully mentioned, it is especially needful to deliver the values of society, personality and motivation to the higher-grade students of Standard Public School so that the impact will exceed expectations of parents in the future achievements and value of children as strong family supporters, reputed community members and Indian citizens. Apart from that, motivational speaking is admittedly topping among the non-curriculum activities that bring positive change in the lifestyle, skills development, knowledge adsorption and attitudes of children.


As the knowledge partner of the Groom Yourself events in Indore, Incisive Training pvt. ltd. allocated one of the best trainers in India for the very event. The motivational speech in Standard Public School in Indore was awesomely delivered by Mr. Mikola Andrejeu, permanent faculty and main research-and-development specialist of the training institute.


Deep international relations insight, striking respect of Indian traditions, amazing knowledge of Hindi language and lively examples of live achievement served well in the motivational speech by Mikola Sir and attracted unheard-off attention of high-school students of Standard Public School in Indore, as well as teachers of the educational establishment, staff and other listeners. Together with Mr. Mikola the event participants tried to look at the values of the day and compare true values that really matter, they tried and felt community values in the global prospective. School students were especially motivated for studies and communication skills.


As Mr. Andrejeu mentioned, "Eighty per cent of your life success comes from your ability to make yourself clear in the positive and impact-full manner, and only twenty per cent is brought about by technical knowledge, subject knowledge and exact information that you possess."

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It is both a hard task and a great responsibility to manage such a big educational establishment with more than thousand students strengths. Standard Public School's principal does it very well: per-speech small introductory visit around the school made it clear that the facilities, as well as the teachers' care for children and the level of creativity at school is sparkling. Mr.S.P. Shrivastava's warm welcome invited the motivational speaker to deliver the best of his abilities which Mr. Mikola Andrejeu felt till the bottom of his heart and multiplied by the positive response of welcoming atmosphere.


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Motivational Speech is always Energizing

Energizing moments of motivational speaking: Mr. Mikola Andrejeu recharges the energy of listeners

Motivational speech in Standard Public School in Indore by Mr. Mikola Andrejeu provoked positive energy appealing to the best of students' feelings. His absolutely charming personality revealed considerable amount of knowledge of Indian culture in its diversity. The motivational speaker kept bringing relevant examples on every point of public discussion and delivered every piece of his motivational speech exceptionally committed to achieve winning results in students' skills and attitudes. Now and again bringing global experience to the SPS room full of attention, the speaker strongly contributed on personality development and group motivation of the school.


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Appreciative Listening

Motivated students pay atentional to every idea of the prominent speaker

Motivational speech attracted 100 per cent of students' attention and hopefully inspired positive change going forward. We shall keep receiving news about the achievements of students, about the future great personalities graduated from Standard Public School in Indore. Starting from day one.


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Motivation is all about Spirituality

Motivational speaking is all about spiritual synergy of the public

Motivational speech in Standard Public School in Indore went extra well, with spiritual sharing between the motivational speaker and the listeners. Mr. Mikola Andrejeu shared his personal daily chant, the mantra that helps him keeping positive outlook and remain open to creative energy.


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After Speech: Interaction with Students


After motivational speech students of Standard Public School in Indore enjoyed interaction with motivational speaker on personality development issues

Motivational speech in its energizing manner did amaze plentiful of school students. Children of higher grades not only understood, but deeply felt the examples given by Mr. Mikola Andrejeu, foreign faculty of Incisive Training pvt. ltd. Students interest exploded with questions that they addressed to the motivational speaker in a simple conversational manner after the personality development meeting in Standard Public School in Indore.


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Motivated Students feel Amazing

Motivated public feels amazingly eager for achievement

Motivational speech is over, but the actual motivation created is now multiplied with the students' willingness to adsorb the power of the world, to win on a regular basis and to meet firmly day-to-day challenges of life. Thank you for listening and especially for warm welcome of the motivational speech! Hope to visit you again, using the open-date invitation to speak in Standard Public School in Indore.


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